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Project Team Meeting Vienna

Finally, a face 2 face meeting! After having the Kick-off Meeting for the TOPPlant project in November 2020 only on-line due to the Covid 19 situation, the conditions in September 2021 were favourable to have the second Project Team Meeting in Vienna (July 15th & 16th, 2021) also with face 2 face participation. From each partner organisation at least one person participated in person in the meeting, several others participated additionally on-line. We are very happy that the progress of the project is not seriously effected by the extraordinary circumstances in the first year of the project, so IO 1, the methodological curriculum for the training on ecological plant protection was finished on time, as the responsible organisation (BC-Naklo / Martina Kramarić) reported. The second IO (training manual), led by University Zagreb / Renata Bažok, also made good progress, but is a little bit in delay, as the material got more comprehensive as planned, and there were some design and copyright issues to solve, regarding pictures used in the manual and the layout of the document. On the meeting final to-do´s were agreed on, so that the IO 2 will be finished quickly after the meeting. Also an outlook on the necessary tasks for IO 3 were given, as well as some inputs regarding administrative issues for the preparation of the interim report. Finally, the host,, represented by Patrick Maguire, gave an overview of the preparation of the IO 4 which is, as IO 3 already in progress. Finally, we can say, it was e very successful meeting, and everybody agreed, that progress is made much easier, when meeting in person, instead having online meetings. So let’s hope that also in the future, personal