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Curriculum & Training Manual

We are happy to announce that we made two major outputs of our project available for the interested public on the project website.

Although already finalized to a very high extent some time ago, we now published the document “Methodological Curriculum on Organic Plant Protection”, after we incorporated some minor amendments. This document provides information on the structure, objectives, learning outcomes as well as the literature and sources of the training we develop in scope of this project. This document is to be considered the basis for the further outputs of the project.

The second document, which we are actually very proud of, is the “Training Manual for Plant Protection in Organic Farming”. This document has been created by the most eminent experts of all the partner organisations of the project. Huge effort has been invested in the process, and the output turned out really great. On 192 pages the document provides comprehensive content, starting with information on learning methods and principles, then general approaches to dealing with pests, diseases and weeds in organic farming, further detailed methods to manage pests, diseases and weeds and ending up with a comprehensive list of used literature that can be interesting for those who want to learn more on the topic. What makes this document especially valuable, is the fact that besides the plain text it contains a lot of images and tables that make the use more interesting for the interested learners and provides practical support for the work in the field.

After the successful work so far, we can hardly wait to finalize to remaining outputs and to make them available to the public as well”